Reedeem Promotional Code

If you want to redeem any of our promo codes this is what you have to do:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone
  2. Tap Menu and then on Redeem.
  3. Enter one of the Google Play promo codes from the list below that shows them.
  4. Tap on Redeem. A pop-up with the app/game you are redeeming will show up and you have to tap on it.
  5. You will get an Add Item button and what follows depends on whether you already have the corresponding app installed or not. If not, you'll be asked to install the app too in order to benefit from your in-app item.

Have fun using the registered version of Relic Hunter and remember to leave us some feedback via Google Play or Facebook so we can keep Relic Hunter updated with the features you need.


Also See: Google Play Redeem Code Procedure


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