Finds List

viewTrial.png (467 KB)viewSubscribed.png (467 KB)

This screen is where you view all your existing finds. The two views shown above are the Trial and Subscribed version. In the Trial you will only be able to edit the first five finds however in the subscribed version you will have access to all finds. If your subscription lapses you can still view your finds but cannot edit or export any finds until you re-subscribe.

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Subscribed users will also get access to the filter in the menu, this is available on the list, radar and map screens. This allows you to filter your view to a selected type of find.

viewSelected.png (467 KB)viewDelete.png (256 KB)

When you select the check-boxes of the finds or click the "Select All" icon selectAlll.png (2 KB) the top menu will change, giving you options that you can use on the selected records, the newly displayed top menu options are:

  • Deselect: Deselect the selected records
  • Delete: Delete the selected records
  • Share/Export: Export the selected records as a KMZ file. This is the important option for those wanting to export your finds to Google Earth. See Export KMZ for more.

exportKmzDialog.png (160 KB)