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Relic Hunter has been built primarily for the Metal Detector operator. With functionality to save finds for prospectors, gold, gems, treasure, relics just to name a few.

What makes this app different to other GPS map systems is that you do not require an Internet connection to save a location as the data is stored on the device. So only the GPS function is needed to save a location. This will allow you to save finds out in the field without any fuss.

Relic Hunter can help you recognize any patterns in your find locations and help guide you to your next Eureka! moment.

Gold prospectors can use Relic Hunter to log and track sampling (Loaming) collection points and results.

View your saved finds in the in-app Google Map or the Relic Hunter Radar Tracker. Subscribed users can export/import their finds to a KMZ file for use with applications like Google Earth.


  - Store find information such as weight and depth found.
  - Select custom detectors and coils.
  - View images in full-screen.
  - View saved finds on the inbuilt google map screen. (Internet connection required)
  - Offline viewing using the Relic Hunter Radar Map.
  - Share your finds with your friends (With or without location data, your choice).
  - Export all your finds to a KMZ file for viewing in Google Earth.
  - Import KML/KMZ point location from Google Earth.

NOTE: All find location data is stored safe and securely on your mobile device memory and not in the cloud. We have built this app with the sole intention to give the user total control over their find data.

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